How do you remove paint from concrete driveway?

Last Aug the lid on a can of blue paint came off and onto the driveway. We were able to get some off, but not all. The pain dried quickly because it was 1 of those 110 degree days. I went to a home improvement store where they advised me to get a paint remover, explained that its harsh chemicals I will need to use gloves, long clothing and basically whatever I wear when I do put the remover on will have to be thrown out. Since it was during the summer the person at the home improvement store also said the paint would eventually start to peel. Here we’re Jul 2012, the paint is still there and never peeled. It has faded some though. We’re about to move soon and we’d like to clean this up once and for all. We still have the paint stripper. What tools do I need when using the paint stripper (I’ve heard a steel brush might be useful). I’m wondering if a sander might also work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The paint that was spilled was an interior satin finish paint. I forget the brand but it was 1 of the name brand paints.