How much would it cost lay a concrete patio?

like six inches deep, twelve foot by fifteen foot.

How many ninety pound bags of concrete would i need?
some guy- next time you watch your mouth!

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  1. That has nothing to do with politics dumb fuck! Next time watch where you place your question!

  2. Do not use bagged concrete for this. Hire a contractor. It will take about 3.5 yards of concrete and should cost around $1,000.00.

  3. 12 * fifteen * 1/2 = thirty cubic feet of concrete.

    Check your ninety lb bag of concrete to see how many cubic feet it makes (probably 1).

    Then it depends on the cost of the concrete in your area.

  4. Is this a garden patio or a political platform?

    Just saying!

  5. You will need about ninety to ninety five ninety lbs bags and the Board to make footings,90 lbs bags give you about 2 square ft,at 6 inches deap,15 times twelve is 180.It will be about $425.00.That is here in Ca.It may be cheaper where you are at $ 3.45 per bag