I have a raised concrete patio that sags in the middle. Rain causes deep pooling. How can I fix problem?

Do not know if it’s hollow or filled with dirt. How can I repair pooling problem.

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  1. They do make a product that can be blown underneath it, like a foam, but it may not hold over time and will sag again. It is very very expensive to do this. Unfortunately, you may end be better off to tear it out and start over, but be sure to put rebar in this time and you wont ever have a saggin issue again!

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  2. First correct whatever is causing the sagging.
    (Probably water washing out sand/dirt fill, but if it is hollow
    there’s a structural problem that shouldn’t be ignored.)
    Then pour a ‘skim’ layer on top, (correctly sloped to drain the water off).

  3. Cut a channel for the water to escape. A simple mason blade width would work. Be sure the cut or channel goes downhill.

    Or you can refinish the surface. Spray the top with cement bonding agent. Apply a thin layer of sand based cement to the surface.

    The most likely cause of the sagging is whatever it was poured over wasn’t settled yet.

  4. Its possible that rain seeps under it, and cause the bottom to sink and sag, Concrete pad must be prepared with a foundation totally around the edg before poring the concrete itself. It’s deeper than the area inside like a shoe box top turned upside down, How the drainage (slope of the surrounding area should be so that rain will run don a small angle of Slope away from your slab, if this is done incorrectly then the run off seeps below the slab toward the center, which is why it maybe sinking.
    Temporary fixes are available, but unless you correct the problem of seepage, and dry it away from that concrete pad any fix will eventually fail. Redirect the drainage then fix the surface.

  5. a)Do you need a quick fix that will last a short time?
    b)Or do you need it done so it will last?

    A just requires a few bags of mix and fill the sag then finish. this will last for a few months until it to will crack on account of the sag getting worse.

    B requires you to find the problem causing the sag this will require you to brake up the concrete where the sag is compact the soil then re pour some fresh concrete, then pour a finish coat over the patio to hide the repair.