how to calculate a yard of concrete for my patio?

how to find how many yard of concrete i do need for my patio

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  1. first you’d have to measure how long your patio is and estimate how much concrete you’d need by counting the square on your block

  2. Length x width x depth (in feet) divided by twenty seven = Cu yards

  3. One yard of concrete contains twenty seven cubic feet. This means that you can pour a strip of concrete one foot wide and twenty seven feet long, one foot thick. I know that you do not want your patio to be 1 foot thick. Multiply the length times the width times the thickness. Now divide by twenty seven to get the yards needed.

  4. a yard will pour eighty one sq.ft. at a four in. depth…

  5. 1 yard of concrete will cover eighty square feet by four inches thick

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