What do I use to fill in the space between slabs in my concrete driveway?

The original felt (?) material is coming out, leaving about 1/2 inch space. Weeds are growing.

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  1. The felt that your talking about is an expansion joint filler. I would not fill it with anything that would stop the expansion and contraction of the concrete slab. You might find some heavy duty caulking that would stay flexible. You could also fill it with dirt and spray Roundup in the joint to kill the weeds. Regards, Dale

  2. Fill it with magic sand after treating the weed with apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on the weeds and wait for them to dry out and rake them out and then fill the gaps with the sand using a small pointing trowel and pack the joints well and hopefully that will prevent the weeds from re-appearing

  3. Go to a home improvement store and get the material you need. You can replace it with the original material, Tar, or another silicone based filler. I like to use a crack sealer that matches the concrete. Remember, the material must be plyable to allow the expansion and contraction of the concrete.

    Clean any remaining material from the cracks. Either brush or vacuum the debris from the crack. Take a wire brush and scrub the concrete in the gap to expose a surface in which the filler can attach. Vacuum the debris.

    Put an herbicide in the cracks to kill the weed roots and seeds.

    Fill the gaps with the filler you purchased. Don’t drive or walk on driveway until the material sets up.

  4. You can use a silicone based product. That seam needs to stay flexible.

  5. concentrated weedkiller every six months or so. Hopefully not too large/long an area?

  6. There is a caulking that is grey and made especially for this application. sonneborne is a manufacture of the caulking I have used on many concrete jobs. The caulking is very tacky when applied, so I usually sprinkle some pure silicone sand on it right after placing it so it won’t get tracked all over the place. I have used this on sidewalks,warehouse slabs and driveways. There are many types that will do the job just fine, just go by your local building supply store and ask.

  7. You need to put backer rod in the joint about a 1/8 inch deep and then run self leveling silicon (Aka Flexible Joint Compound) in the joint, this will allow the slab to float and stop it from cracking.

    You can also use a joint filler like this to fill in the joint I still recoment the first solution but this will work as well

  8. round up sprayed and then scratch out the lifeless grass and then apply a seko self leveling caulk to the top of concrete