How to remove thick concrete driveway?

There is a driveway behind my home on the side, and I’d like to get rid of it so I can have more space in the backyard. It is around eight inches thick, six feet wide and twenty feet long. Can myself and a couple of buddies do it ourselves with a jack hammer? Hiring demolition guys would be the easiest and fastest thing to do, but I do not know how much they would cost. Any ideas on how I can do it myself or how much it’ll cost to hire someone to remove the driveway?

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  1. Maybe you can just leave it and get a load or two of top soil and cover it up and level the load into the yard and the plant grass seed or sod. of course you will not be able to plant a garden there, but the grass will do just fine. besides you may have some low spots that need to be filled in. dirt is dirt cheap or if you put some signs out for clean fill. the dump truck guys will bring it out to you for free. as long as they can see your signs and where you want it. Busting driveways is work. If you had a heavy six ft iron bar and a heavy sledge hammer you will not need a jack hammer. I did a few when I was younger. My friends laughed, I told them, How in the heck did the Egyptians do it.haha!

  2. You have to get the estimates, not me. They will have to look at the job. Yes, n air-hammer is the normal way and also a skid loader to lift the chunks and dump them. A skid loader where I reside runs about $300 a day for rental. A jack-hammer with compressor would be about the same. You definitely need this equipment with concrete 8 thick. This is a two man job minimal. Get your estimates and then make a decision. You may get a good rate from a contractor since the economy is down. They would also do the job in half the time it would take you because of their experience. Good luck!

  3. jack hammers and a truck is all you need if you dont mind sweating alittle
    you need to see how to get rid of the old concrete also and how much it may cost for you to dump it
    i would go with a 80lb jack hammer, they’re heavy but they’ll be able to go through the old concrete
    you will also need a portable air compressor to run the hammer
    all this can be rented together at a tool rental company
    you can save money by breaking it up in chunks that can be handled by 1 person
    instead of getting a loader to pick it up for you
    it just depends on how much work your willing to do

  4. if it were me i would hire an excavator and dump truck , and it will be gone in a matter of hours. then the same guy can bring the top soil you will need to bring it back up to grade…

  5. For that thickness you need power hammer or drill hammer .Area of the 80cf it has lots of weight ,it’s better to hire demolition company to do that ,it’s faster and easier for you and they’ve tools for this job .To do it your self will cost you more time and cost than the company .

  6. a back hoe or bobcat or ten strong men with sledge hammers,bars.points and a rake to finish and the cost to remove approx 2500-4000 to remove and can check or for exact how to and educate yourself before calling anybody so you know what they’re talking about.don’t get spanked,because lack f knowledge that is at your finger tips