How to turn a concrete patio into a stone one?

We have a standard suburban house, nice, but thrown up quick. It has a small concrete patio, with 2 support beams holding up the roof over it. We would like to redo the patio and lay stone, like flagstone, down instead. However, i’m not sure we can remove the contrete with the support beand there.

Can anyone help me solve this solution?

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  1. You could stain the concrete. You could also have a thin stamped concrete layer poured over it in the design of your choice.

  2. support the roof with a couple of strong planks and tear the posts and concrete out and re-do it…if you have the room up to your threshold just lay some thin flagstone over the concrete…

  3. should be able to lay the flagstone over the concrete

  4. I watched a home makeover show do that. They just laid the stone on the concrete. I think they used something to glue it to the concrete but I can’t remember what it is. Employees of Home Depot or Lowes can help a lot!