What is the best base for flagstone<?

What is the best way to lay flagstone? I removed about five inches of soil and nnow ready to lay my flagstone.What is the best base?

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  1. Crushed limestone fines. This is the best base for all bases for flagstone and paver brick. This product might hard to find but most aggregate have it or can get it. Check with you stone dealer and see if they can get it for you. I live in MI where we have a lot of limestone quarries. Regards, Dale

  2. it looks and sounds like dale knows what he’s talking about but id like to give you an alternative: sand, put down a base of sand as thick as you nee to put the flagstone to the height you need them at, then 1 your done and there all in, then put a grip of sand on top and push it around with a push broom to work It into the joints and cracks locking them into place

  3. Crushed limestone, but it really depends on the use. I’ve just used dirt in an area of the garden where they’re just used as occasional stepping stones. For a more widely traveled patio, limestone.

  4. crushed limestone at least four inches deep, then vibrate rolled, then sand at least one inch thick, A base like this is permanent, no need to worry about heavy rain