Patio Pavers on concrete?

I have a concrete slab in my back that is the lowest point of my yard. I want to use patio pavers to build it up and make it more appealing to the eye. Would I just use sand underneath the pavers for stability or is there something special I have to do in order for this to be done correctly?

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  1. Depends on how high you need to raise it. You might want to put some pea gravel down first then the sand.

  2. A thin layer of sand under them will ensure they do not rock if the bottoms are uneven. It might be necessary to anchor the perimeter pavers to keep them from shifting. This can be done by setting them in mortar instead of sand.

    Sweeping sand into the joints after setting them will help lock them together and reduce movement. It will also prevent seeds from settling into the cracks and sprouting.

  3. Yes you have to do sumthing special. Since you have a slab, u cannot put sand on tthe slab then pavers because the water will build up on the stab and ur wrk will be wrong. The only thing that can insure long lasting is mix motar just like laying tile on the slab, put the pavers in place and ur golden.

  4. As long as the slab is level and in good condition (free of cracks etc…) you can go over the top. Be sure to gap the pavers. Once they are laid, fill the gaps with polymeric sand to lock the pavers in place and to keep water from getting between the pavers and the slab. Keep in mind, the sand will harden and act as a mortar, making removal a bit labor intensive.
    Good luck with your project. Hope this helps.

  5. You do need a sand or mortar ‘bed’ or those pavers will crack in contact with the concrete.
    If that slab is a low point, be careful how you handle drainage.