I need a name for my small business ASAP!! Can you help?

Can anyone help? Im starting a property maintenance company and I could really use some good names. something property maintenance or something something property maintenance.
I will be doing lawn care, some landscaping, power washing, trash removal, and general maintenance around the house. I currently work on foreclosed homes. originally I was going to start a landscaping business. But my current boss wants to use me as a sub contractor. Since we do such a wide variety of jobs I figured Id just advertise everything Im compable of doing. Instead of just cutting lawns. Id greatly appreciate any ideas. thanks

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  1. Plethora Property Maintenance PPM …… Complete Property Maintenance CPM ….. All Aspects Property Maintenance AAPM …… Total Property Maintenance TPM…..!

  2. Ideas:
    – Avoidable Loss Property Restoration and Maintenance
    – Whatever It Takes: Property rehabilitation, maintenance and staging for sale
    – On the Market: Property updating, restoration and maintenance

    Things to avoid:
    – Total Loss Property Management

  3. Premier Property Maintenance

    Simple, classy, and to the point, but make sure a company does not already exist in your area with that name! 😉

  4. You can’t go wrong putting your name on your business……Fred Wombly Management Inc. Now they know who you are and what you do…..I recommend it!

  5. Why does it change things if your boss wants to use you as a sub? Conflict of interest? If your planning on being online for google to search for you as a local search (free advertisement) then you should have a website domain that has lawn care or lawn maintenance you can even put where your located for even better results like http://www.name lawn care salt lake city utah . com or landscaping.. But if your thinking of doing other type of work not real specific make 2 names? couple of reasons keep the profit low between 2 of the companies for taxes plus some people wont call a landscaping company in salt lake to get some trash outs done, but try to make a name that has landscaping or lawn care or construction in it..