Is it worth it to hire a landscape designer/consultant?

We built a home on an acreage and will be landscaping this spring/summer. We plan to do the grading/planting ourselves and have some ideas, but the sheer size, shape and topography of the lot itself is scaring the heck out of me!

The idea is to landscape with native plants (zone 3) and trees, and I’m willing to do the research to decide what to plant, but I’m afraid that the choices we make will not work together cohesively. Since we have a (very) limited budget the whole landscaping job will take a few years to complete and I’m worried what we put in this spring will not work in a few years from now…

Do you have any experience with hiring a landscape consultant/designer and was it worth it??


4 Comments on “Is it worth it to hire a landscape designer/consultant?

  1. It would be a good idea especially since it is a large area you are hoping to scape. If it is a budget problem maybe get the plan but do it in stages. Good luck.

  2. If I had had the money when I was younger I may have considered hiring a pro..
    Now with fifty years of gardening and landscaping experience, I am the pro.
    If you’re comfortable doing research, I’d say do it yourself.
    Look around your area for landscapes you admire and when you find 1 you like stop, knock on the door and ask questions.
    Proud landscape owners love to share


  3. The best place to check out for what you are asking about is

    You can check out reviews of other people that have used the services you are seeking.

  4. I would strongly recommend it. After all landscape designers are there to give you what you want. If budget is an issue, you could always do the landscape in stages. I say you get what you pay for, but its also a good idea to research you options on different designers/consultants and their companies.