how do you lay flagstone over concrete blocks?

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  1. Hi You just need a semi dry mix of 5parts sand to 1 part of cement use 5 spots ie all 4 corners and the middle how much depends on you. or you could just use dry builders sand spread about 1 thick and bed the slabs straight on top of the sand, use a wood block and mallet to level the slabs. You will also need a good 6ft long wood straight edge ie3x2 and a 2or3ft long level . If you are to use the area for cars the first method would suit you better.
    Bob a job

  2. Bed the flags in mortar and mix it three parts sand to 1.5 parts cement bed the whole flag and not just the corners and then fill the joints again using mortar ok.

  3. Robert, If you want to face a cinderblock WALL with flagstone the answer is: You don’t. There’s no way to attach flagstone vertically to a concret wall. The flagstone is too big & heavy. You’ll have to use sometyhing else. Good luck.