Is lucifer the god of earth, and the government comprehends this?

THe most common way to practice magic is through lucifer or satan, and there are alot of reports of the government being involved with secret societies. Well i think its pretty obvious is that they comprehend that the whole life of earth is on account of lucifer, which the bible portrays as evil. Satanists do not even believe in heavan or hell, and are usually people who seek truth as opposed to anything else through the means of mysticism. Could it be that the government knows about this and is involved with it through free masonry and occults but keeps it top secret so that dumb christian tools who do not know anything will accuse it of being evil and anti-god like and start hanging people who they think are witches
eh the world is too dumb for this knowledge anyways

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  1. Unfortunately Satan is the god of this cruel and evil world. That’s why Christ said I am not of this world.

  2. THe most common way to practice magic is through lucifer or satan What? You’re an idiot

  3. Mark Twain said that Satan deserved his chops as the religious head of much of the world and the political head of the whole of it. I doubt that most politicians believe in anything other than how to grab a bigger slice of the pie.

  4. Satan didn’t create the world, but he has blinded man through lust, arrogance, and overall just sin.
    Satan’s 1 crafty dude. He makes people believe that HE alone holds the power of God and wants humanity to sell their souls to this world. He wants us to be married to the world and its pleasures. I do 100% believe the government does in fact hold secret societies such as illuminati. There is to much proof, and to much truth behind the book of revelations for this to be fake. People don’t do much research at all, so they tend to tell people who believe that there is evil in the government that they’re fools or they’re crazy. Yet they’re doing what Satan wants them to do. Keep this in mind. Satans most powerful weapon, is making you believe he’s not real. Trust in the lord and spread the gospel, and you will have salvation and peace within your life.

    Don’t mess with the arts of black magic, because think of satan as a carnival. Its all fun and games till your carousal collapses.

  5. Satan created earth and us and wanted to make us perfect but the stupid xian god stole his place. In the age of aquarius is when satan will take his place back

  6. Lucifer is (God) over everything, I do believe the government is full of satanists. Lucifer aka Enki along-side his brave and prestigious team and race (The Nordics), which he leads, they took prehistoric cavemen and cross-bred them with there race resulting in what later became known as modern-day human-beings. The Bible was stolen, corrupted, and rewritten from thousands of scriptures that predated it, making it absolutely impossible to use as factual evidence in logical confrontations. When it’s all over, Lucifer and his Demons spend every waking hour and moment providing there members with the most-amazing life-experiences along-side the talent, ideas, and blessings to conquer in modern-day society. Joining them was the best decision I have ever made and that is why I put so much effort towards repaying all the favors I owe.

    Thank-Yous and Shout-Outs,
    & Phoenix.