Is rock fracturing oil drilling going to ruin the landscape and environment of ND ?

Rock Fracturing causes the water tables to be ingested with chemicals and minerals that are dangerous to humans including methane gas that actally blew someones house up.
@Paladin: You are a real patriot aren’t you? Obviously you never been to North Dakota and seen the long rolling plains that will now be filled with oil drills. That should boost tourism no?
How did your dumba$$ become top contributer anyway?
How did your dumba$$ become top contributer anyway?

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  1. Areas of TX that have been the site of fracking for years now have a much higher rate of cancer in the people who live there.

    So yes, expect your water to be poisoned.

  2. just as there is NO OIL on texas beaches or anywhere in the gulf,(except where it bubbles up all on its own)…there will be no danger in getting oil in the dakotas…in fact the oil is already in close contact with the water table…would not taking the oil save the water?

  3. Turn off your computer whiner. It uses electricity usually generated by dirty coal.

  4. You can rest assured knowing that GOPs have called it totally safe and harmless, just like they did with tobacco, thalidomide, nuclear technology and loose gun laws.

  5. Yes, dangerous stuff.

    Microbiology and disease experts say BTEX exists in the coal seams.

    The fracking process itself can release BTEX from natural gas reservoirs, allowing them to escape into aquifers or the surrounding air, the submission says.

    BTEX chemicals have been found after at least 2 fracking operations in Queensland.

    It said long-term exposure to the chemicals could cause leukaemia, affect the reproductive system and cause harm to unborn children.

    BTEX chemicals are frequently found together in petroleum compounds, the submission says.

    They’re in a class of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, which easily vaporise so people can be exposed through drinking water, bathing or breathing in vapour.

    Long-term exposure to benzene for instance, even in very small amounts, can affect the bone marrow, causing anaemia, and increasing the risk of leukaemia, and can affect unborn children.

    They say toluene and ethylbenzene can damage the nervous system, liver and kidneys and ethylbenzene is a possible human carcinogen.

    The professors behind the submission include Queensland Health communicable diseases epidemiologist Dr John Sheridan, University of Melbourne microbiology and immunology professor Peter Doherty and Australian National University professor of population health Anthony McMichael.

  6. Oil companies and money always win. They’ve leveled over 500 of our great mountains in this country to get out coal for less money. All the rock, debris and whatever else, was thrown into the valleys and covered anything below. It has ruined the water tables for drinking and other things. It has killed the animals and plants indigenous to the particular part of the country they’ve done it in. Scientists have said it will take a thousand years for the growth to come back and then it probably won’t be the same as that which was destroyed. Although there has been a strong movement against it, nothing has stopped it or even slowed it down. I am afraid the same will be happening in the areas they’re doing the fracking in. I sometimes think that all they’re doing to the world is the reason for all the changes going on around the world such as the change for worse weather and all the earthquakes and other changes.

  7. Well, obviously you have never been to North Dakota and noticed that the drilling isn’t being done on the long rolling plains, it’s over in the western part of the state. And seeing that you have never been to ND, that means you weren’t supporting our tourism in the first place. Big surprise.

    Because NO ONE is interested in our state until it suits them. ND ? Isn’t that part of Canada? Hahah, so funny I forgot to laugh, never heard that 1 before. *puts out the penguin and goes to sleep for the night in igloo*