What are the right drill bits to use for basic power drills.?

i made a mistake and bought masonry drill bits, i did not realize they were the wrong ones till they arrived, all the so called experts on the television make out as if any novice can do this–so ive gone online and there is loads of different ones, can i use hss drill bits, i just want to drill into walls and wood with a basic power drill

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  1. For wood and most metals use HSS twist drill bits. You CANNOT use HSS drills on stone.

    For masonry, concrete – use masonry drills…quality ones such as the ‘blue’ BOSCH ones for a standard power drill (not an SDS type). Use ‘hammer’ setting on the drill

  2. HSS means high Speed Steel. The are a basic relatively cheap bit for use in wood and other soft objects, like drywall. They will also drill a hole in most metals. They don’t work in masonry or concrete.

    Masonry bits work in masonry and concrete.

    Hammer drill bits work better in concrete and hard masonry especially with a hammer drill.

    So go ahead and buy the HSS drill bits. They’re what you want for wood and drywall.

  3. It IS confusing for the beginner, though there are some basic rules.

    For drilling into masonry you’ll need – guess what – masonry bits. A hammer drill works better with these but no matter, they’ll still work even if your drill does not have that facility. Eventually.

    For drilling into wood you should really use wood bits.

    For drilling into hard materials such as metals you should use hss bits. You can though use them for wood too, though they’ll not be as good as the real thing. Do not use them for masonry.

    So, I’d get yourself the hss bits for general use, and keep the masonry bits for use on concrete, stone etc.

  4. im a builder ..masonry bits are for walls ..floors etc ..but if you don’t have hammer on your drill then it is very slow hard work ..and you can burn them out with too much pressure ..you may hear the termSDS this is a drill bit which has a key less chuck fitting on end ..they will actually go in a standard chuck ..HSS bits are for steel ..and all though they’ll work on wood .they clog up easy ..if doing a lot of drilling in wood best to buy wood drill bits

  5. Yes, I know very well it can be confusing. There are so many different bits for different projects. You need to also take into consideration the size chuck your drill has . You wouldn’t want to purchase something that has bits too large for your drill. For around the house a High Speed Drill Bit set would be fine, but do not get a set that has bits that have a 1/2 inch shank when your drill is 3/8. It’s a waste of your money. Hang onto your masonry bit set as you’d be surprised how many times you will actually use it. The HSS is pretty much a multipurpose set.