My dog has trouble staying on her back legs. What could cause this?

My eight year old German Shepard female got diarrhea about 1 month ago and had accidents for about a week. I finally was able to control it, but for about two more weeks she had on and off diarrhea. However, for about a week now, she has been good since I completely switched her food. Diarrhea, however, which was a problems, is no longer a problem. Ever since it started however, she started walking funny once in awhile. Her back legs seem to not have any balance. I took her to Big Bear over the Labor Day weekend and she seemed to have problems pulling herself up off the floor on hard surfaces. She was wobbling when she walked on hardwood floors. She’s also in need to lose some weight and she has been on a food plan and she does need to go for walks, however, she refuses She just sits and wont move. I do not know if she*s hurting or she*s just too lazy. Today, I was really scared because she seriously could not control her back legs when she went to the backyard (on the concrete patio). Then, she sat down for Two 3 minutes and was able to walk normally again. I have appointment with the vet tomorrow morning, however, I would like to see if anyone had experienced anything like that. Thank you very much.
App was good. Couldn’t tell what is causing this weird on and off wobbling. Got some Rimadyl for a week to see how she reacts to it. Also did fecal float and heart worm tests…will be getting results tomorrow. She has been on meds for 2 days now….also upgraded her to senior GNC Ultra Mega-Hip & Joint Health which vet says is good for her…also have put her on 1400 cals per day and been trying to get creative and get her moving…she moves but needs two min of break in between once her legs start to give out…I still wonder if it is hurting her…which meds should take care off…she does seem to be more aware and somehow happier:) vet also said that if there is no improvement in a week…we might need to get blood work done and some x-rays taken.

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  1. Possibly Hip Dysplasia is very common in sheppards

  2. German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia. Her extra weight will not help her with that. My older German Shepherd (before she passed) loved soft surfaces, and hated our hardwood floors. I do not know what you can do to reverse it, but the best of luck to you and your dog!

  3. I really hate to even write this. It sounds like your girl either has hip dysplasia or a spinal problem going on. 8yrs old is getting up in years for shephards, and if she is overweight, that’s even harder on her joints. When you get her to the vet, ask him if a shot of cortisone might help her. I’ve been through this same thing with other dogs that I’ve had, and it’s usually just a matter of trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. It sounds like she is in quite a bit of pain, so you might also ask the vet about putting her on Tramadol ot some other type of pain medication. I hope all works out for you, and for her. It sounds like you love her, and it’s so hard to watch them get older and start having problems. I’ll be praying for both of you tomorrow!

  4. Just wait until your vet appointment, it could be hip dysplasia, but it could also be something else. Only a vet a can truly tell you what your dog has and what can be done.
    Once you know what your dog has you should then ask for advise from others who experienced the same thing, But don’t try and treat your dog unless your vet has approved the treatment.

  5. Arthritic hips can have the same symptoms as hip dysplasia. Our girl had good hips when she was 2, but a dozen years later she does the bunny hop from time to time.

  6. Since she had the diarrhea, I wonder if she has Parvo or Distemper. Your vet will be able to tell yu tomorrow.

  7. If it is not a hip problem (dysplasia or arthritis), consider lumbosacral stenosis (a.k.a. cauda equine syndrome, spondylosis).

    My dog has been on anti-inflammatory and pain medications for LS, as well as various supplements, for several months, with considerable improvement but not enough. He had his first chiropractic treatment the other day, which has allowed him, for the first time in years, to go down a flight of stairs right after getting up from a nap, without having to walk around for a few minutes to limber up enough for the stairs. He will be getting acupuncture as well.