Removing paint from a stamped concrete fireplace?

I have just recently purchased a six year old home. And when I recieved teh keys today I noticed paint and smudges on the concrete fire place. Any suggestionsin removing the stains? Common detergent and household cleaners have not worked, and I don’t want to harm the carpet very near the fire place… Its the hearth that the paint and smudges are on!

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  1. Turpentine is a good paint remover, it might harm the carpet though. Ask a person from hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes they should be able to give you something fabric safe.

  2. Try using a Magic Eraser. If that does not work, you will probably have to resort to Mineral Spirits. Just be sure that you do not get it on any wood that you intend to keep the finish on or on your carpet (it is bleaching).

  3. The lumber yard sells an acid you can use to clean up masonry, brick layers use it all the time.
    I can’t remember the name off hand, but it works great.
    Make sure that you read and follow all of the directions though, especially the safety precautions, wear eye protection and long rubber gloves, do not splash it, etc.

  4. There is a product called goof off you can get it Walmart in the hardware sction. It’s about $5 a bottle. You need to be careful around walls and carpeting put somthing over them. Use cotton swabs in tighter areas and apply with cloth rags Good luck

  5. A wire brush, and some elbow grease is all you need to tackle that. Liquid cleaning agents would not only stain the carpet, but also could discolor the hearth. If you do decide to use the liquid cleaning agents, test a small area first, and be sure to protect the carpet. You can try using a heat gun, too. Just heat up the paint, and scrape it off…job done. Good luck!!