Severe foot pain help…?

Ok, so here’s my problem:

I just started working at a job where the floor is concrete and by the end of each shift the foot pain is excruciating, and the pain continues until the next morning. I really need this job, and as well I happen to actually like this job, but it’s just very difficult to tolerate the pain each shift.

I scheduled an appointment to see a podiatrist, but that’s not until Jul 11th. What I want to know is if anyone knows of any good arch support or heel support shoes out there, and as well if anyone knows how long it takes for custom insoles to be made?

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. buy a brand new pair of shoes….. nursing shoes would be ideal… they’re made to be up on your feet all day. it could just be your shoes that is making your feet hurt, or the way they sit while you are on the concrete. if changing shoes doesnt help… talk to your doctor

  2. I find hush puppies comfortable & can you wear running shoes to work? Runners should be good.

    And do not wait till July, go & see a doctor in the meantime, you might have something wrong that you might not have considered.

  3. Maybe you can try those Dr. Scholl’s Gel inserts. Nothing is worse than foot pain, I feel for you. Also, try and wear the most comfortable shoes you have. Good Luck!

  4. First you could try some dr. scholls shoe things, but i would really suggest going to see a doctor because it could be a stress fracture!

  5. if the pain is in your heel it very well could be a bone spur. try and get dr schoulls gell inserts or something like that until you can get to a doctor.

  6. Depending on where you live the custom insoles shouldn’t take too long, at most two weeks. My dad got his in a couple of days, we live in a large city. The first thing to do is make sure you’re wearing really good shoes. The more support in the shoe the better. I like Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles. They provide a lot of cushion and support. The biggest thing is to think about exactly where your pain is and then find an insole that caters to that.

    Also, I would take ibuprofen before you get to work, during work, and after. Many people only take anti-inflammatory when they feel pain but with something chronic like that I would recommend taking it every six hours to keep the inflammation down.

    Good luck! You can still do the job you like and live pain free with the right shoes!

    Also!! I forgot to put this earlier. Soak your feet or even your whole body in warm water with Epsom salt. You can buy it at any grocery or drug store and it helps with inflammation. If you soak your feet it will naturally take down some of that swelling and if you’re having pain with your legs and hips from standing it will make a world of difference. Just follow the directions on the bag for the warm bath. I have two ruptured discs in my back and it is better than any pain medicine I’ve taken. Again, good luck!

  7. I had the same problem at a past job of mine, it was SO awful. But it was in retail, so we weren’t allowed to wear sneakers, which I know would have helped 100% with the pain. Your feet need that good support. But I did not have that choice, so I wore dr.scholls gel inserts in my shoes. That helped, but not alot. I would recommend comfortable shoes/sneakers with good support, I know dr.scholls sells their own brand of shoes, and they are really comfortable. If you find another shoe, try the gel inserts, and maybe a hot footbath every night!

    Hope this helps =/

  8. That was happening to me and I just got the shoes for crews non slip shoes and the walmart schulls $10 pads. You have to replace the pads every Two 3 months but omg it helped so much. I’m kinda broke atm and I have no insurance though so doctor visits and custom shoes are out for me. Also until the appointment you can get a foot massage if you have a partner or parent or friend willing to help you. My husband is a massage therapist so i’m spoiled. =D

    Also it takes only 500 tylenol/ibuprofen to ruin your liver I do not suggest take it for chronic pain. Fix the problem and you will not hvae pain.

  9. I worked in a grocery store years ago full time where I had to stand up basically the whole shift, which was 8 hours. Also, we had could not wear tennis shoes or sneakers so we had to wear boots or dress shoes. By the end of my shift every day, my feet and legs would hurt and sometimes it would even radiate up my back. I went to a drug store and bought some Dr. Scholls insoles that offered more cushion. They were maybe six or eight dollars but they made a world of difference for me. However, do not just do this and think its ok, you should still make sure to see the podiatrist because there could be a deeper issue such as weak arches or plantar fasciitis. But the insoles should help some until then.

  10. Sounds similar to what I had. Go to and get their heel inserts. They are relatively cheap and they came pretty fast in the mail. I’ve never had the pain again! Highly recommended!
    My mother in law had the same kinda thing, and she paid $500+ to get some special inserts for her shoes..I paid $30 (with S&H) and I havent had the problem again! I think if you buy more than 1 pair at a time you get some kind of discount but I’m not sure. But they are cheap enough, so why not? Good luck!

  11. I had a similar problem when I was working at the hospital… I went an bought some Z-Coil shoes the look … not so flattering and are a lil bit expensive… but they’re AMAZING I love then I would Rather wear them they be bare foot when I’m at home… you have to try them!

  12. you diffently need to see a Dr. asap…. My podiatrist made my insoles right in his office. they were 65.00 or I could’ve seen a specialist that does only insoles, my insurance wouldn’t pay for his visit, nor the 800.00 dollar insoles….the ones I got you have to wear an hour or so aday to get use to them but I never could… my foot pain just got worse, I had to wear a soft cast shoe for seven weeks after taken several shots in my foot…I finally had an epidural in my back for back pain and it cured my foot pain that has been since last june, now all of a sudden my foot pain is back and it’s worse than it was last year….so Im like you, I do not have a clue… all I know is that it;s nerve pain and the insoles only made mine worse, I couldn’t afford the costly ones, however my niece got those and still had to have surgery… I feel for you because when your feet or your back hurts you are diffinately in pain. I hope and pray yours gets better soon.

  13. Can you stretch our legs? put 1 leg at a time on the third step (on the stairs) and bend from your hips to try to touch your toes.

    Flexeril is a bit strong for pregnancy, I think.