Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

5 Comments on “Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

  1. If you have a lot of money and nothing better to do with it then yes. When you say work do you mean just design or design and plant? You can get plenty of ideas from garden books so you do not need to pay for a design but you can’t get help planting from a book.

  2. For a typical home landscape you probably do not need an LA. However if you are doing major earth moving, walls more than a meter high, major drainage work, etc… other words BIG buck landscape, it wouldn’t hurt. There are landscape designers who are trained in design, plants, usually better at the horticulture side than an Louisiana who could easily do a typical home landscape with moderate extras. In other words, the more engineering required, go with the Louisiana otherwise a landscape designer is fine. Many nurseries have designers on staff who will design your yard . Larger landscape companies have designers as well but you obligated to use their company.

  3. I would say not. I always thought it would be a big waste of time and money when you do it yourself, if you do not know what your doing, but ever since I got rubber mulch, I realize that anyone can do and it can come out looking beautiful without much effort. I got some real nice colors and put it out in a nice pattern, and added just two bushes in the middle. It looks amazing and no 1 thinks I did it myself!! Plus its worth the money because it last and lasts supposedly. I’m on my third year, so far that’s long enough for me!

  4. Besides tree limbing, there are many other specialty tasks for which you may want to hire professionals. For instance, you may wish to hire an arborist to have a prize tree pruned correctly. Limbing and pruning are entirely different operations. You may even want to have a landscape architect or landscape designer to re-do your entire landscape