Anyone know if we can convert concrete driveway into asphalt driveway?

I have a concrete driveway got some cracks, and in bad shape. I know it is very expensive to get a brand new one. I’m thinking it will be much cheaper to just lay an layer of asphalt top to the concrete, but do not know if it can be done.

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  1. yes, it can defiantly be done, just take into account the increased thickness when it comes to your garage door and things like that.

  2. Yes it’s done all the time. The only issue is that the drive is much higher and you notice it at the garage door.

  3. Asphalt can be laid on top of any kind of bed,and will look good for the moment. Paving contractors will gladly do this for you. But you should be aware that the bed is not stable and in a few months your driveway will look just as bad as it does now. So in my opinion, you would be wasting money if you do not address the problem of soil stability.

  4. If you do not want to remove the concrete an asphalt overlay is possible but the concrete should be mechanically etched so the asphalt will bond to it. Plus the increased thickness of the asphalt (usually a minimum of one 1/2 to 2” for an overlay) may prove difficult to deal with.You’ve probably seen this work being done on highways.

    If converting to asphalt it is more common to have the concrete removed first. If the overall problem involves some cracked and spalled concrete, I’d seriously consider having the concrete resurfaced with a specialized cement mix that is troweled or brushed on by a specialty contractor.

  5. you have been given some good advice and some bad advice. for starters, a great deal of the interstate that is up on pylons is covered with asphalt. so youcan safely cover your driveway. I question a couple of things. how thick is your concrete driveway? how old? sloped or flat? does the soil shift a lot where you live? if it is old, thick and flat pave over it and do not worry. if the concrete is thin and on shifting soil you should consider removing the concrete. with all of the variables you should get the advice of someone from your area that has years of experience working with the soil and building on it.