Staining and/or sealing large concrete driveway?

Hi guys,

The driveway at my home is a mismatch of different coloured concrete. It has obviously been enlarged over the years and pieced-up with mortar at various points where the original concrete has cracked. In an attempt to make it more attractive I have been thinking about sealing it or staining it. Which would be the better option?

Alternatively, would I get away with painting it with external, eg masonry, paint?

Many thanks

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  1. staining or sealing it wont work, had the same problem. had it covered with asphalt.
    job done and looking good now

  2. I have a coloured concrete drive but the colour was added to the mix before it was put down. I do not think it can be done afterwards. I’m not sure about masonry paint as a driveway gets a lot of heavy wear and tear which would mark it after a while.
    You can put a sealant on but make sure it’s matt rather than glosss or it will be slippery in the winter. It will not however cover up the mismatch of concrete.

    Your best bet could be to take it up and replace it with pavers or asphalt or possibly put another thin layer of concrete on top. Because of the brand new laws regarding water run off unless it’s pavers you may need planning consent.

  3. You can resurface the entire driveway allot cheaper than tearing it all up.
    this is 1 article that refers to a liquid acrylic binder that you may find of interest.

    Shop around and you may be able to get it done for less $$$

    Re-surfacing with a thin layer of concrete will just crack almost immediately if four inches or less of a high density product is not used. Recommended as NOT a good idea.

    Either way ensure the driveway is leveled and pitched to allow for proper run-off and prevent water from pooling resulting in premature wear.

  4. If you really wanted it to look really good, I think the only option is to jackhammer it out and replace the whole driveway. Expensive.

    They do make epoxy paint for garage floors. Patch and smooth the driveway as best you can, then apply the epoxy coating. I have a friend that has a very fancy driveway coating – looks more like a floor. Maybe not quite as expensive as replacing the whole driveway, but it is still not cheap.

  5. Go to the paint section at Home Depot /Lowe’s /Wal-Mart /Ace ,they have paint for drive-way’s! Power wash / fix cracks w/ crack filler – ask U may need to put a conditioner down 1st! The paint CAN BE TINTED to what ever color U choice! Yes I have done it!