Stamped concrete sealing?

We recently did our backyard with stamped concrete. Can we do the sealing of this concrete ourselves? What is the typical procedure to apply the sealing and what would be a good product ?

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  1. Go down to a White cap or similar construction supplier and ask for a non-staining concrete sealer. The majority can be applied with a weed sprayer with professional results. Other suppliers include paint pro shops like Sherwin Williams,ICI, Kelly Moore, E.T.C. These retailers have the products that you will need. I would stay away from big corporate franchise brands because their products sell cheap for reasons. Do not put just any sealer on your investment. Wait until your concrete has fully cured(60 days) is what specs generally ask for.Good Luck!!

  2. Go to a masonry supply yard. they can tell you about the different products available. Its easily applied with a pump sprayer, the type you’d use in your yard. Make sure the concrete is cured before you do it.

  3. Be careful, sealing exterior stamped concrete, or any exterior concrete for that matter, could make it extremely slippery when wet. You want to look for a non skid type sealer that will not effect the color of the concrete. Don’t go to a paint store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. If you are sealing brand new concrete you simply apply the sealer with a sprayer or roller. if sprayed i would back roll it with a roller otherwise you’ll see spayer marks. be careful not to leave roller lines though. i would get your sealer from a ready mix supplyer or some kind or concrete supply store. ask for a high grade decorative sealer. i’ve never been able to find a decent sealer at any other kind of store.