what can I put between flagstone to keep weeds from growing?

I have a flagstone patio and the stones are just laid on the dirt. They seem to be setting just fine but I want to keep the weeds from growing in the dirt between the stones. I would like to keep the natural look and do not want to mess with planting things I will need to water. What can I use to fill in the area between the stones to keep weeds from growing?

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  1. there is a mesh you can buy it will hlep prevent weed growth go to walmart or some other place like that and ask them about it it works

  2. Pour a thin line of diesel, or petrol/gasoline in between your flagstones. Nothing will grow there anymore.

  3. well if you just want it natural and not the lush grass
    like in England…spray weed killer on it a few times this spring and you should be good to go.Just remember… someday someone else might want to grow something there long after you are gone. Fuel might not be in the earths best interest…. you know, the greater good thing 🙂

  4. Please do not use gasoline or diesel! Besides other obvious reasons, your whole patio will smell awful.

    I would consider a few different options to keep weeds from being a problem.

    First, have you considered filling the gaps in with mortar? This may be more work than you’re looking for or might not achieve the look you’re going for, but it’s a thought.

    Another idea would be to fill in with a hearty and thick grass. Many people like this look and it is fairly easy to care for… Just run the mower right over your patio.

    Or if you just want to help prevent any growth, I would suggest using a product called Preen. It is a fine granular product that you just sprinkle every few weeks or so into the cracks and it will discourage growth.

    I would stay away from harsh products such as round up which almost always end up killing surrounding plants or grass that you want to keep.

    Hope that helps!

  5. I would have recommended a mesh be put down before the stones were placed, but since that has already been done, I will suggest a chemical killer. You can put gravel or sand in the spaces and that will deter some growth, but will not completely prevent it. Are you trying to prevent grass (thin blades) or broadleafs (more round)? Use a product specific for the weed.

  6. A heavy dose of salt will do it. You may have to repeat to do the job, though.