This spring I plan to redo an area of my garden for patio furniture, should I do it wood, brick, or concrete.?

the area will be appx. 12feet long and twelve feet wide, level area. $$$ price considerations also ty.

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  1. Well, I do not know how much money you have to spend. But I personally think a good alternative is concrete with stamping. You can do so much stuff nowadays. You can make it look like natural stone etc. Check it out. And I think it will be cheaper than treated wood or bricks.

  2. Brick would look nice. Not red bricks though…I’d use the brown ish golden bricks.
    If I had to choose I’d pick cobblestone…but It can be expensive!


  3. The cheapest would be to put down paving stones (just your standard one foot square by one inch deep cinder type). You just have to dig down a couple inches and get it as flat as you can, then put down some sand and compact that before putting the pavers down. You’re probably looking at about $1.50 a square foot and it does not have to be permanent, like concrete would be. And, the problem with wood is that you’d have to suspend it on posts to prevent it from rotting in direct contact with the ground.

  4. Pavers is a great way to go. Leaves the ground permeable, better for the Earth. Can be changed, moved, added on to, reused, with no waste. Comes in many sizes, textures, colors and patterns to choose from.

  5. If your gonna do it yourself you can buy a mold from lowes it takes a bag of concrete it makes one like two ft x two ft square it looks really nice we got 1 that looks like rocks and you can buy color too right there by the molds and make it any color you want.Just do not make your mud that wet a you can use a trowel to tap it down in the mold and wait less time if you do not make it as wet. It goes faster with 1 mold that way. I put dirt between my joints and am planting some ground cover in some of them.

  6. Neither of the 3 would be my answer, my dad used artificial grass in sections of the patio, the typed used in football stadiums. It looks good, the only thing was that people would ask,Why do have the #50 on the grass under the table? Just joking, you do of course have to clean and vacuum it,and have to keep your eye on the smokers. Have no idea what it cost. Good luck.

  7. Keep the concrete out!!! Brick is nice, but cobblestone, flagstone or field stone is nicer!! You can dry lay the flagstone or brick in different patterns to make it look more natural. I am a fan of flagstone! You can use granite dust and small river rock between the flagstone or to make it even more natural use creeping plants that can withstand sun or shade. Intermix the brick with the flag! The old antique brick is mishapen and looks more vintage.

    Concrete gets hot and isn’t natural! Find used brick and a pallet of flagstone should work, but or

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