driveway cleaning concrete?

I have a stain on my driveway and i dont know what its from. I tried everything and nothing is taking it off. Its looks like a light brown stain. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this??

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  1. my grandmother uses this and i think it works well but it depends on what the stain is i guess but try it.
    she uses………bleach.!! ya thats right bleach…

  2. Try vinegar or muriatic acid, if all else fails rent a steam pressure washer.

  3. Your stain may be rust (inorganic) from someone’s leaky radiator. It may be pine pollen (organic). Here in SW FL , pine pollen in season coats everything yellow. It may be other organic plant-related residue. It could be urine depending where you live from racoon, deer, armadillo, etc.

    My first attack would be with a laundry detergent, water and a stiff brush. If it fades, you’re on the right track. Apply more detergent and elbow grease.

    OK. No effect? Let’s get aggressive. Rubber boots, safety glasses, a really stiff concrete broom and a gallon of muriatic acid. Put the acid directly on the stain, and scrub it with your stiff concrete broom. The stain will come out but your driveway may have an unnatural white spot. You can reduce this somewhat by using your broom to scrub outward from the original stain so the spot will blend with your driveway grey.

  4. Alright this will get anything off and show you how white concrete really can be. Get yourself some safety goggles when you buy this to be safe. Go buy a gallon of muriatic acid from the pool section at Home Depot and get a push broom and have a hose of water at your reach and after putting on your goggles pour some muriatic acid on the stain and grab the broom and start scrubbing it and add a very little watter too. bad fumes will be coming of this so do not breath it and you will see the stain disappear with in seconds and grab the hose and flush everything good with water and thats it

  5. without knowing what it is it is hard.
    try bleach or liquid chlorine because it could be a leaf stain and that will work on that.
    if that fails try something a very little more aggressive such as CLR or diluted acid, just be careful with acid not to etch the concrete.