We would ike to put tile outside on concrete patio (12 x 15).?

We get freezing weather in winter. Any suggestions re: materials and installation? We were thinking about porcelain.

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  1. Go with a 1/4 Brick. It will take the cold.

  2. First of all you should call a professional, But if your trying to save on the $$ give it a shot! Porcelain is perfect! First thing you need to do is lay out the tile. (I am assuming your tiling on a concrete slab) If so when you lay out the tile mark about every three feet where the joint would be! Going in both directions!! Get, buy or rent a grinder and cut a 1/2 inch deep grove where the joints will be! Fill them with caulk. Now get LATICRETE Blue ninety two Anti-Fracture Membrane and roll with a painting roller all over the area. Lay down the fiberglass membrane it comes with and paint over that! Now your ready to tile! Use TEC Superflex thinset! You’ll need about three bags. It turns slightly rubbery when it drys. After your done let it dry (24 hours) Grouting with epoxy is best but you can get away with a cementitiouse grout and caulk with the same color where you made the cuts in the slab. TEC also makes the same colors in caulk as they do with their grouts! With a very little know-how this should be a fairly easy project! I have been installing tile in the Boston area for twenty nine years and have done many outdoor installations with great results. Good luck!!

  3. prcelain should work.makesure you see if it CAN be used as outside tile.some tiles are made for inside some for walls and some for floors.if its coo then proceed.but you will need a high end thinset on account of the temp.also make sure you install in fifty one degress and above when you install thinset won’t cure if installed at fifty one degrees and below.treat any foundation cracks with antifracture membrane.make sure the existing slab is not sealed because this will affect the bonding with thinset youll use.if sealed wash the existing concrete with muratic acid this removes sealer from floors.install tiles with a slight pitch for waer run off even if it is a 1/4 inch pitch this will deter water away fom the house.good luck