question about flagstone groundcover?

I live in Seattle and want to plant a low ground cover between the stones in my flagstone patio. The yard gets good sun from sunrise to about 2, so I think moss will not hold very well. There is an inch or 2 of dirt between stones, which sits on top of one inch of sand and 3 inches of gravel. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. ooooh try corsican mint! i planted some on the south side of my house last year, it gets full sun just about all day and it did fine – in fact by the end of the summer it went from a 3×3 block to almost a square foot! it’s good for moderate traffic too, I think it would be perfect for what you need. and BONUS: it smells like chocolate mint. it’s amazing. unless you dont like that smell… go to the local stein or whatever and ask after it and give it a smell to see if you like it.

  2. We happen to have a VERY large Koi and Goldfish pond in our yard with a flagstone walkway around it. In between the flagstones, we have planted Steppables* ground cover. I do not know all the different varieties, but it is very low to the ground and meant to be walked on. Actually, someone told me that the more you actually do walk on it, the more it will spread. We happen to have two different types, where 1 gets very small yellow flowers and the other gets purple flowers. I do not think they carry this at Lowe’s of Home Depot, but most regular nurseries do. (I also think they’re called Walkies, or something along that line.

  3. Small low-growing alpines that are long flowering and hardy such as Arabis, Aubrieta, Sedum and Viola would be ideal for that.