What can I do to brighten up a concrete driveway?

I was thinking of laying over a brand new thin layer of concrete maybe mixed with something to give some slight colour and texture? Is this possible or can’t you lay brand new cement over old? Any other options that wont involve pulling the drive up (and lots of money!)?
Do not tempt me Carl!

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  1. A brand new thin layer would crack and crumble. There is a concrete stain available at Home Depot or Lowe’s ( probably other places too) that colors the concrete however you want it. They’ve used this at most Old Navy stores. check it out. It goes on much the same as paint…long handled roller, pour and spread. There is also a product that goes on in two layers…a color base and then color granules followed by a clear sealer. This is more expensive but also made to go over concrete.

  2. concrete usually has a sealant on. how about spraying on something to slightly remove it thereby roughing it up then go back with a spray on stain.

  3. not sure where you live. but you should be able to get it stamped and stained for about 3.50 a sq.ft. steps envolved degrease and power wash.wait twenty four hrs. use densifier, wait twenty four hrs. apply slurry.. wait stamp it.. wait twenty four ..stain it .. wait twenty four hrs seal it.. enjoy… if in the s west email me.. I’ll do it.. I’m very slow on work.. like every 1 else..