What can I use on my concrete driveway to remove an oil stain ?

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  1. You need to use a really strong solvent designed to remove oil. (Ask Home Depot). How old is the stain; if it is relatively new, put some fine sand on it to absorb as much as possible before cleaning

    Bottom line, it still may show no matter what you do.

    If it does, think about staining (not painting) but staining the concrete to mask the stain. Unless you want the pure white look, staining can add some character — you either use 1 color, or can use a few different ones for a mottled, stone like look. You can then put a clear sealant over the concrete that would repel oil in the future.

    Good luck!

  2. Muriatic Acid. It is used for cleaning all kinds of masonry. Ensure you wear gloves as it is corrosive and is an acid. pour some on the stain brush it with a plastic brush then hose off with a water hose. You can find it in most builder supply stores and in pool supply stores. They also add it to pool water to balance the pH so it’s not super super dangerous to use.

  3. try mineral spirits and an old scrub brush then blot it up with an old rag. repeat if necessary. if the stain is stubborn use a mild solution of muriatic acid. you’ll need rubber gloves and eye protection.

  4. First, soak up as much of the oil as you can with kitty litter (they clay chunks, not the clumping kind). Then apply a cleaner/degreaser and allow it to soak. Finally clean with a power washer. It will not get it all out, but will get as much as possible.

  5. Dawn dish detergent. Squirt it on, cover with a piece of plastic and leave it for Two 3 hours. It will scrub off, easily, with a brush

  6. go to http://www.pour-n-restore.com this company makes a product that will definitely remove any type of oil stain you may spill on concrete….you just pour a very little on the stain and let it sit until it dries and turns to a white powder (has a citrus orange odor) then just sweep away with a broom or vacuum cleaner and rinse with a water hose