What can you tell me about the order of free masonry ?

What do their symbols mean (pyramid, compass / square)
Is it satanic worship
Is it illuminati
what do you have to do to get in
Do they want to build soloman's temple in jerusalem


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  1. Wow, you come to Y/A politics forum to get an answer to that…..really? I think you should be more concerned with finding the answers to more basic questions….2+2 for instance

  2. What do their symbols mean (pyramid, compass / square)

    They study form, architecture, and math for spiritual insight and much iconography reflects this. The Compass and Square are allusions to the Star of David.

    Is it satanic worship

    Absolutely not.

    Is it illuminati

    What do you think the Illuminati is? For all I know you think it is a plot for world domination or reptilian alien overlords. I can’t answer that question without knowing if you mean the historical or pop-culture sense of the word.

    what do you have to do to get in

    Ask a Mason to join. You must be male and believe in a much higher power as the basis for your moral compass.

    Do they want to build soloman’s temple in jerusalem

    It’s on the back-burner. Mostly they’re involved in philanthropy like the Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals.

  3. mainly all the bad masons are at the top. the rest are just joe 6 pack.I heard that almost all of our presidents were Masons, but haven’t taken the time to research it

  4. Whatever you want to know.

    – The Symbols mean:

    1. The Square is to remind the Mason to square his actions by the Square of virtue.

    2. The Compass reminds the Mason to circumscribe his passions and desires.

    3. The pyramid means nothing.

    – Freemasonry is a fraternity, not a religion. No religion = no worship.

    – The Illuminati do not exist, and haven’t existed for 226 years. Completely unrelated to Freemasonry.

    – To get in, you have to ask for an application.

    – Freemasons don’t want to build Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. It’s already been done.

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