What do you think of this latest immigration raid?127 workers picked up in raids Westlake and Vinton ?

WESTLAKE, La. (AP) – Federal officials say a search of Dunham Price’s Westlake and Vinton plants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents netted 127 undocumented workers all of them male from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.

Authorities have not said what prompted the raid. Dunham Price is a cement and concrete products plant.

The workers were taken to a federal facility in Oakdale and were turned over to the Executive Office of Immigration Review. They will be tried in an administrative court, which will decide whether they should be deported.

12 Comments on “What do you think of this latest immigration raid?127 workers picked up in raids Westlake and Vinton ?

  1. They were breaking the law. Seems like the right thing to arrest them.

  2. Well, they came here illegally. Plus, these guys place the tab on the taxpayers. Not to mention the fact that 50% of Hispanics have kids out of wedlock. No offense, but illegals are costing us. I’m for immigration, but legal immigration.

  3. It’s not a bad start. Only leaves about 39,999,873 more to catch and deport.

  4. Nothing beats enforcing our own laws. ICE-DRO could do this all day, every day.

  5. Every raid benefits the legal populace of the United States and opens up jobs for American people.
    For every raid they conduct, I wish they’d conduct one hundred more.

  6. Only 127???? Just think, 127 jobs just opened up for LEGAL American citizens! We need to CLEAN UP the illegals. Make them pay taxes and learn to speak ENGLISH, or GET OUT!!!! Simple enough.

  7. Another 127 tax paying consumers taken out of our economy, and another United States company crippled………just what this country needs!

    Illegal immigrants pay taxes, too

    Growers hope immigration debate resettles in presidential campaign

    The Economy Benefits from Illegal Immigrants

  8. I would love to see raids like this going on 24/7. ICE can continue to do this and help our economy and get these criminals off our streets and back to where the belong! Hopefully the employer gets fined, jail time and loses his business! no tony, that is 127 illegal criminals that were draining our economy now gone!

  9. Unfortunately, it looks like a good place to go if you are unemployed.