what is masonry? Is it a religion?

what are its objectives?

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  1. No it’s only requirement is you believe in a much higher power that created everything.

    The organization is for men who want to help their community and offer service in that regard.

  2. Masonry is the construction of structures using stone or bricks. No connection with religion that I can see!

    Oh, wait… did you mean Freemasonry? Well, yeah… that’s a religious fraternal organization (AKA: Cult).

  3. Masonry is bricklaying. I think you mean freemasonry, and no that is not a religion. Its a fraternity, but not the college type.

  4. its not a religion but has alot of ritual steeped in religion .. it a hierarchy of control really .. it promises ‘secret knowledge’ basically by promotion and perks of course, but those at the bottom levels really have no idea about whats above them .. the pyramid on the back of the 1$ note is a good depiction .. nobody is sure what the eye at the top symbolizes, but the layers of the pyramid are the basic structure .. also interesting is the writing under the symbol says brand new world order .. so i think that is the ultimate goal .. control the world and shape it into a brand new order .. but again the lesser ‘degrees’ dont know whats going on at the top usually and alot of them are probably decent people and work in the community ..

  5. No, it is not. The goal of masonry is to take good men and help them to become better ones. There is no goal of taking over countries or the world, no brainwashing, no worship of satan or demons. It is a fraternal organization devoted to works of charity that the public seldom hears about because we’re not out for fame and publicity for them. There has been a lot of lies the last few years about masons.

    I am a 32nd degree Mason and very proud of it.

  6. It is a fraternal order, dedicated to helping the community, believe in a much higher power but each man must define that for himself. It is not a religion or a cult. Many of the United States Founding Fathers were Masons including George WA .
    For people such as Anthony H, your ignorance is appalling. Try doing some research before answering a question when you do not know the answer.

  7. It’s an organisation of men and it is not a religion. The members need to acknowledge a much higher being which would be anything greater then they’re like the sea, the sky or the mountains.

  8. Masonry or Freemasonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. It is not a religion. Now, this is a horrible oversimplification, but Freemasonry is essentially the last remaining Renaissance trade union. Members meet twice a month and follow Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct ordinary business meetings. They participate in dozens of charities and organize fund raisers and public outreach events.

    The earliest Masonic guild was the London Masons Company, founded in the early 14th century. From the 14th century to the 17th century, Masonic guilds flourished in the British Isles, and most of the ceremonies and rites of modern Masonry took shape during that time. Since the early 18th century, Masonry has been purely speculative, meaning that they interpret the tools and crafts of masonry in a symbolic sense.

    The rumor that Masonry is a cult, religion, or conspiracy are based partly on the obscure symbolism used in Masonic initiation rituals, partly on their oaths of secrecy and closed meetings, and partly on the writings of Victorian Masons who used Masonic symbolism as a pattern for the study of comparative religion.

    EDITS –

    1 – Masonry and Freemasonry are the same thing. Freemasons use both terms without distinction.

    2 – @Uncle Sven – There are no higher or lower levels of Masonry – that is a common misconception.

  9. Masonry is an art relating to brick-and-mortar work.

    Freemasonry – which I think is what you mean – is a male-only order which was established to better men in society and society as a whole. The precipice is that the order works together to build up humanity from the ground up, in like fashion to how masonry is performed. Much of the clandestine action that the group is known for is limited to ill-seeking or noobish individuals looking for cheap thrills and a sense of mystery. However, there have been a number of darker events from this group which have served to better humanity overall, including a brief, unofficial commune with several members of Ordo Templi Orientis. (The events of this commune remain undisclosed.)

  10. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Freemasonry

    Freemasonry is the name of a satanic secret society that rules the world. We will explore together this disgusting, unethical, pirate society which has lodges all over the world. Notably most Law enforcement Stations and government offices usually set aside room for the movement.