What to plant in between flagstone?

We have a flagstone patio that is laid in sand. We’re tired of this look and want to plant something in the seams- any suggestions? I did some dichondra seed but not sure if that will work. We live in AZ- so needs to be heat and drought and freeze tolerant.

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  1. if you were in the midwest, I’d look at the steppables collection. it’s a group of low growing herbs and plants that can tolerate foot traffic.

    not sure if any of these will survive AZ ‘s climate, though..

    Good luck!

  2. i would thinks a good grass would look really good cause it did in Home and Garden when they had it

  3. Thyme!

    I love thyme, especially Pink Chintz thyme. I even planted a thyme lawn in my front yard. It is especially beautiful when I have a whole yard worth of very little pink flowers!

    Thyme grows fairly quickly and is very drought tolerant. It can easily survive harsh winters as well.

    Here is a link from my favorite nursery in Santa Fe. (BTW, i’m in CO !)


  4. grow a low growing mint when you walk on it it smells great.caution it could take over your yard.

  5. I like Roman Chamomile. It grows well between flagstones (or bricks, etc.) and smells good when you step on it. I’ve even heard of it grown in lawns. It can be mowed and thrive. It spreads, too.
    If you go to:
    They give you ideas. The place they’re writing from is Cave Creek, AZ .

    Also, if you go to:
    They’ve a section for ground covers, and that’s usually what you put between pavers.

    Good luck!!

  6. I do not know how these do in AZ, but a quick call to the local garden center should be helpful.

    Baby’s Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) Creeping plant, one 4 inches tall, tiny round green leaves. Prefers shade; tolerates some sun near coast.

    Blue Star Creeper (Pratia pedunculata) Groundhugging two to three inches tall. Tiny green leaves much like baby’s tears, blue flowers, spring through summer. Full sun to partial shade.

    Chamomile (chamaemelum nobile) Soft-textured spreading plant with light green, finely cut aromatic leaves. “Treneague” is a nonflowering variety. Full sun to partial shade.

    Corsican Mint Very low (only 1/2 inch tall) mat with bright green leaves that release a delightful scent when walked on. Sun or partial shade.

    Creeping Thyme Lemon, lime and variegated forms. Flat mat about six inches tall with small, round, pleasantly aromatic leaves. Prefers full sun but tolerates light shade. Best in areas with light foot traffic.

    Dymondia margaretae Low-growing (2 to three inches) ground cover with gray-green leaves with rolled white edges. Very drought-tolerant. Grows slowly-faster with regular watering. Full sun to partial shade.

    Scotch Moss and Irish Moss (Sagina subulata) Very dense, compact ground cover that looks like but isn’t moss. Irish form, bright green; Scotch, more golden. Full sun to partial shade.

    Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima) Low, branching trailing plant to 1 foot tall with generous clusters of tiny four-petaled flowers. An annual but reseeds profusely. Full sun to light shade.