Which is the most promising career, Architect, Landscape Architect or Archaeologist?

I want to be an Architect,Landscape Architect or Archaeologist. Which 1 gets paid the most and/or is more promising/reliable. I want to get a job right after university, I dont want a job that I will be hard to find a career in.

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  1. Trouble with architecture is that it can be up and down according to the state of the construction industry. Best to follow your heart, not your wallet. If you follow your wallet and your heart’s not in the job you’re unlikely to have much success so you might not make as much as you hoped for. If you follow your heart you could be highly successful and promoted to a point when you earn more than a mediocre professional in another field.

  2. The most demand will be Landscape Architect.

    Archaeologists are in fairly high demand, but the pay is crap (usually grants or university stipends) unless you are a tenured teacher at a good college, and even then you probably max out at $150k. You will NOT find work right out of undergrad as an archaeologist. You need that pesky Ph.D after your name to get grants and most employment.

    Architects are in demand, but the competition is high, the stress is high, and the jobs are limited by limited space and a down economy.

  3. i am an architectural and mechanical drafter myself. architects have a lot of building codes and rules you have to follow. the drafting and designing aren’t that bad, and can be fun at times. i would think if you were an landscape architect you’d have to learn and memorize a lot of plant types and have geographic knowledge. do not know anything about archaeologist. but to let you know. architect jobs are on the same demand as realistate, if realistate is down then the jobs for architects will also be down.