Easy way to screed concrete driveway?

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  1. We need more info than this.

  2. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete_screed – Cached…..i used Two two by’s scabbed together. the drive was wide so i put a two by down the middle [in eight ft sections] just like a joint. [braced it up on grade] you can screed each side just like 2 separate pours, and as you get further down the drive [each eight ft.] take up the two by and fill in the place where the two by was. you can make a float out of a one by 4. …45 each edge, use a one by two as a handle or even a two by 4. make the float about two ft long. you can float from each side. let it set up for a while and then run a cheap [extend the handle] shop broom over the drive to sort of scratch it up some for traction. anyway that’s what i did and it looks good. i made a joint [several] but 1 at the property line at the street in case the city ever needed to excavate so they could make a clean cut and re-pour the entrance.

  3. there is nothing easy about screeding a concrete driveway unless you are pouring an eight inch slump…gary’s right , not enough info…

  4. Hi Solo.
    Screed and concrete are 2 different things.
    Screed is sharp sand and cement and concrete is aggregate and cement.
    Now to answer you question.
    There is an easy way.
    Prepare your driveway and get Mixamate to turn up with the the correct amount of mix and spread it 4inches 100mm. deep.