Will my brother die now after i wrestled?

I’m Trevor (14) and my brother is Grant (10)
We wrestle for a custom made title on the bed when our parents are out and yesterday,he pinned me with a school boy and stole my championship.
A very little while later,Grant was having his lunch when i hit him on the head with a steel chair which made him cry like crazy for an hour after which i hit him the tombstone piledriver on the concrete which caused some internal bleeding from his nose and mouth but i’m unable to make him bleed from the head when i smack him with a steel chair though.
Last week,i was Triple H and he was John Cena.I hit him a pedigree on the carpet and then hit with a hammer on his skull,luckily his hair covered the bump on his head which resulted.

When i told Sasha about this,she says that if we do this,my brother will die soon.
What is she talking about,my brother currently has the title.
He’s the world heavyweight champion.
So,how can he die?

8 Comments on “Will my brother die now after i wrestled?

  1. You clearly do not pay attention when they tell you not to try it at home

  2. This obviously a joke. There are dumb wrestling fans out there but no 1 is that stupid.

  3. hahahaha. I was the 1 dying when I was reading this.

    man , you just made my day , i was feeling a lil down , NOT ANY MORE :D:D:D

  5. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  6. You should get him checked out by your family doctor just to make sure that he is ok.