Would some decking look good next to a exisiting concrete patio?

5 Comments on “Would some decking look good next to a exisiting concrete patio?

  1. sure . . why not . . but make sure you use materials that do not rot out easily and are pest retardent.

  2. Decking does look nice but it is high maintenance,slippery when wet,prone to rot and needs regular painting with specialist paints to look nice. You also need a weed proof membrane underneath and keep the underneath clear to stop rodents making a home there.

    Have you considered laying a membrane,(one that is permeable) and overlaying it with stones or gravel. Less maintenance and you could enhance the appearance of it with pots of flowers in season.

  3. I am looking forward to the time I can also extend my concrete patio/deck…but I am going to use the plastic planks to avoid all the hassle of up keep. Much easier to maintain bleach, broom and hose…done

  4. Yes, but I would choose something that would complement rather than clash with the concrete. One thought is to add something on top of the concrete – a thin layer of concrete that is scored to look like patio blocks would be more attractive than a simple concrete pad. You can also add tile to it. But having concrete for a patio certainly does not preclude a wooden deck. Build it and enjoy it! And having the same style lawn furniture on both, or some planters that match on both, would help tie it all together.

  5. It depends on what you have. Without a picture of the area you are working with its hard to say. In some cases yes, in some cases no. Post a picture and you might get better feedback