Should I put that I have basic carpentry, masonry, and plumbing skills on my resume if I'm looking for a job?

looking for an office job or a government job, i used to do trades, but now that i have a degree i want to move on, but does that look good or make it look like i have some professional experience?
I do not have much experience by the way, other than going to college and working trades….

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  1. multi trade constructional skills with relevant practical experience .

  2. Good question in the correct category. Seniors have the most money. Absolutely appealing skills – math, thoughtfulness, ingenuity – you sound like an entreprenuer in the making.

  3. Sure, why not if you have the experience..=)

  4. Generally, it is not a good idea to put skills on your resume that have no relationship to the job you are seeking. Volunteer work is Oklahoma and some people list interests like jogging, reading, etc. In your cover letter, you can explain that you just graduated form college and do not have a lot of job experience just yet in the field for which you are applying, but that you formerly worked in the trades. That’s the best place to mention this.

  5. If it’s not relevant to the job you’re applying for, do not put it on the the resume’. Especially if you have no experience that IS relevant…it will only magnify that fact.

  6. If it is part of your back round put it in. what would be more helpful would be how long in the trade and possible references as to your work habits etc. This will show your potential employer what kind of a worker you are. Good luck.

  7. Employers what to know How can you help me with the x number of issues I have now? The last thing they want is to go though too information that is not relevant to their needs when yours is #96 of #150 resumes they need to go through by the end of the day.

    Job seekers regularly make the mistake of approaching a project such as this from their own viewpoint. Just as a novel writer would, you should always write with your audience in mind. Keep it relevant and focused on THEIR needs.

    If you ever need assistance in this area, you can contact me at But advice is always free! 😀

    Best of luck to you!

  8. A resume is used to show your employer what type of assets you bring to the position applied for & the company as a whole. Since trade work has nothing to do with office work, do not include this in the major body of your resume.
    But you can use it to make your resume stand out from others by including it as the last part of job details, or hobbies or other interests. Creativity has become some applications to the top of the list. You could state, Former career in carpentry, plumbing & masonry trade. So I’m not only well educated in the position applied for, I’m also handy employee to have on hand until the repair crew arrives.