Atheist and Christians: What do you think about Freemasons?

The absolute requirements for becoming a Mason are:

1. Be a man, at least twenty one years old.

2. Have belief in God or a Supreme Being of any faith. No particular religion or faith is required or excluded. All are welcome. No atheist can be made a Mason.

3. You must petition a Lodge – that is, you must ask another Mason for a petition. You should be coming to Masonry of your own free will and accord, to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because someone keeps pestering you to join or because you think it will help you get ahead in business.


19 Comments on “Atheist and Christians: What do you think about Freemasons?

  1. They are good at making buildings. And keeping secrets.

  2. They are best with a dry rub on the grill. Honey glaze works.

  3. Freemasonry is satanic. It rejects the truth that Jesus Christ is God.

  4. Well they carve stones, what do You think about that?

  5. Mostly harmless people who just like to belong to a club.

  6. Wrong! My grandfather was an atheist and he was a Mason. Loooong family tradition. :))

  7. My Grandpa is a Mason…. but he doesn’t believe in a God. At least when he joined a long time ago.

  8. My father was an atheist and a Mason admittedly he had to lie about that but he was a Mason.

  9. It is a curious group, or cult rather, and I wonder what their secrets are, if there are any. No big deal though, it’s not like I would see if I was allowed to enter.

    Well, that I’m triple not becoming a freemason then.
    1. Female
    2. Atheist
    3. I just really do not want to.

  11. I think nothing of them, that is why when I got the truth of the word of God, I turned away from that.
    It is a dark and deceptive thing, not matter what is put forward publicly to look like it is not. The doctrine conflicts with my personal beliefs, and I will bow before NO MAN, only my Heavenly Father, and I will call NO MAN, a worshipful master.

    I love my Heavenly Father, and Him ONLY shall I serve. (I think you know what I mean….)

    Why should an atheist cares if he/she cannot become a mason,Muslims cant because they’ll not bow before a man, there are lots of groups of people who cant, no big deal. some people are too decent about truth to, and it isn’t 1 of the best of required of things a man can be considering that GOD HAS NO SECRETS, so who really has need of a so called secret society??

  12. 1st – We can’t become Chrsitians, nor Jews nor alot of religions.
    2nd- There are atheist or theistically indiferrent Mason groups, even tough they’re scarce. Women also cannot join most of them too.
    3rd- Why would we want to join a group that forces us to accept a god (or a great architect of the universe) in the first place?

    I’m not sure, but I belief they do not express belief in a god, they only request the belief in a Great Architect Of The Universe, so they accept all religions and beliefs has long has they’ve the same values has they and belief in an intelligent creator, so basically, a Wiccan could join, a Deist could join, even an theistic Satanist could join (a bit harder since most types of satanism do not follow the Freemason ideials)

  13. I think they are a bunch of rather silly, superstitious old men who like to play dress-up in funny aprons, and pretend they are important. Their mythology is fully invented, even though they claim it dates back to ancient Egypt and Jerusalem. It’s as ridiculous as any religion — and I wouldn’t want to be part of it.


  14. This is what I know about Freemasons. The Freemasons originated at the time of the Israelites exodus from Egypt as being slaves. The God Yahweh picked this group of men out of the twelve tribes of Israel to be expert builders of structures. Their first building project was The Tabernacle that they used in the desert for forty years. Later generations built the Jewish Temples such as King Solomon’s Temple. So the Freemasons bloodline follow the bloodline of David, Abraham and all the way back to Adam and Eve. So that means that the God or Supreme Being that they really worship has to be the God Yahweh. If it is not then they’ve forgotten who their God is and their God will punish them for that.

  15. Old men who sell raffle tickets at the mall.

  16. Yep. That’s why I didn’t join. GAOTU. They’re a private organization and they’ve the right to set the rules for their membership.

  17. As a Christian and a Freemason I see nothing wrong with it. Although I believe that your question is a bit trollish, but deserves and answer none the less.


    The age requirement varies a bit from Eighteen 21 depending on where you live.

    Although it is true that 1 must profess a belief in a Supreme Being or Creator and the immortality of the soul to become a mason. The prohibition of making and Atheist a Freemason goes back centuries and has to to with the thought that Atheist could not be obligated as they don’t believe that there is any being superior to themselves and there for answerable to no 1 but themselves. I am not saying this is right ot wrong, it’s just a landmark of the fraternity and therefore cannot be changed or altered.
    This also applied to why women cannot be made Masons. Not because Masons feel women cannot comprehend the philosophy or grasp the universal truths or some sexist nonsense, it’s really just that when a Mason is obligated he promises not to be present or condone a women being made a Mason, another landmark.

    It also is true that 1 must ask to join, it is consider improper to ask someone to join.

    Freemasonry is speculative in nature so we do not carve in stone. Although we do have members who are operative Masons and do work in Stone, Brick and mortar.

    It’s really not a club per se, it’s a fraternity and there is a difference.

    Anyone who says they or someone else is/was a Freemason and and Atheist would have lied about their faith and therefore truly not a Freemason.

    Freemasonry is not a cult, that implies a religion which Masonry is not. By definition a cult is easy to get into and hard to get out. Freemasonry is the opposite, hard to get into and easy to get out.

    Nobody bows before anyone in a Masonic Lodge or Masonry. So the religious intolerant rant is nonsense. The title of Worshipful Master is given to what would equate to president of the local Lodge. The term Worshipful is not referring to actual religious worship, but as a term of respect. As Freemasonry originated in England some archaic language is still extant. In England the mayor of many towns are referred to as Lord Worshipful Mayor and alike. Similar to your Honor or the Honorable. A brand new Master is elected liberal Demically every year or 2, just as the Grand Master is elected this same way.
    It is NOT a secret society as our buildings and Halls are well marked and meeting times posted.
    If it’s biblical quotes you follow then how about this one:
    But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6:6.

    No 1 is ‘forced’ to accept God or even religion. When you ask to join you are asked if you believe before anything, if you say yes, then they proceed. If you say no you will or should be be rejected. After this initial admission you will never be asked again.

    Although everyone is entitled to their position, to call any group silly and defame what you don’t comprehend is rather boorish.

    Freemasonry is NOT a religion so no worship of any kind happens in a Lodge. Freemasons do not tract their history back to any such nonsense as the Jewish exodus. The legend of Solomon’s Temple is just that…a legend and that is widely know. Freemasonry originated with the operative stone Masons guilds of Europe, plain and simple.

    Chris is just a hateful person and sounds out anytime Freemasonry is mentioned, even though every word he typed has been debunked time after time. It’s sad really.