How to clean up lifeless rats?

there was a freakin lifeless half eaten rat/mouse on our driveway when we came back, there were soooo many flies swarming it, and I think 1 of them at least touched me ewwww 🙁

How do i clean it up? is it worth the pest control? will they clean the lifeless rat and the blood smeared on the concrete?
it’s …gnarly 🙁 we do not wanna clean it, help

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  1. Call animal control or just get a paper plate and scoop it up.

  2. Scoop it up with a shovel and put it in a trash bag. Wrap it in a few more and just throw it out with the rest of the garbage. You can just hose off the stain with some dish soap. You could call someone to do it for you, but they’ll charge you a lot of money.

  3. Hahaha, I’ve had the same problem before.

    What I usually do is get 1 of those white masks you use for painting or cutting wood, grab the longest shovel I can find and pick it up. Just toss it some where, or have a trash can near by and chuck it in there. It might help if you spray down the area beforehand to get rid of some flies, if not use a hose on the area after you pick the rat up.

    Oh and I wouldn’t waste money on pest control. They might pick up the rat for you, but I highly doubt they’ll get all the blood off the driveway. Plus it’ll cost an arm and a leg just to get it up.

    Of course you could always call around and find the best deal. Good luck :/

  4. Definately not worth pest control! Use a plastic bag as you’d to pick up doggy doo-doo, but before you do, quikly hose down the animal to get rid of flies and then pick up the animal very quikly, turn the bag inside-out, tie it up, and place it in an old shoe box and bury it. this makes great compost for worms and other burrowing bugs!