What are the best masonry drill bits?

I bought a set of Bosch go through everything bits (stone,concrete,steel etc) and have had to return them as after drilling about half an inch through a concrete gatepost it will go no more, im surprised as they were supposed to be good ones.Anyone know the right way to go about this please?

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  1. Cobalt tipped ones are the best, but very expensive. Expect to pay £60 for a set of 10.

  2. Only diamond coated drills can easily cut through concrete all the standard drills will fail quickly if the concrete contains hard flint and quartz aggregate, which it invariably does. Also a top quality drill helps

  3. two question? did you have hammer on ? was it rotating the right way ? its so easy to be in reverse and not notice ..im a builder and i have done it ..bosch are a good drill-bit…ADD..another answer mention SDS ..this is just a method of holding the drillbit with a keyless chuck ..it has no connection as to the quality of the bit

  4. Did you use a solvent to cool the bits? Acetic acid and universal solvent equal parts works best for concrete. I use Bosch with no problems in concrete and sometimes steel, but they’re designed for concrete and masonry.

  5. Huge is right. Pre-cast concrete can be a devil to drill and diamond bits are good but expensive and difficult to get in small sizes. A hammer action drill with a good quality masonry bit will usually do the job if you do not press too hard and allow the bit to overheat, It may be easier to start the hole with a small bit and work up to the size required. I have not had much success with, so called, universal drill bits, they’ve their uses but I would not use them for concrete. Sometimes the aggregate is so hard ordinary hammer drills still wont cope and it may be necessary to use an SDS, pneumatic type, machine and bits, which I mostly use when drilling small diameter holes in hard concrete, as these pack far more punch than an ordinary hammer drill. Larger holes are best drilled with a diamond core cutter, driven by a very slow speed drill with the hammer action turned off. If you have a large number of holes to drill in the concrete, it may be better to hire a suitable drill and bits / cutters.
    Hope this helps

  6. You will struggle to go through concrete with a normal drill.

    What u really need is an SDS Hammer drill and a SDS drill bit, for convenience a 24v battery one.

    These can b hired from any tool hire shop-

    In my experience combi drill + sh**y set drill bits =melted sh**y drill bits.

    What you hit there was the steel reinforcement bars, could try drilling at an angle or in a different place

  7. Your question is about drill bits.there is nothing better than HILTI.Used with an sds drill they’ll go through any concrete,but not steel reinforcement bars which gateposts are made with.Try drilling 20mm to the side and 20mm above or down of the hole.