My puppy won't poop or pee in the grass!?

We got our puppy when he was eight weeks old and now that he’s potty trained outside (now he is 9 months old) he continues to poop or pee on the patio/concrete or on top of our jacuzzi cover. I have punished him each time I see him, but he is not learning. I have two other dogs that have never had this problem & thought that he would follow them to the grass. We can’t use our backyard until I rinse off the patio each time….It’s getting old! Help! I’ve read about the pheramone spray, but has it worked for anyone before I go to that expense? Also, he was neutered two weeks ago and still no change…

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  1. Put him on a leash and take him to the areas that you want him to go to. Punishing him is useless since he has no idea why you are pissed, unless you catch him in the act, then you have to show his what you expect

  2. It’s good that you punish him when you see him going potty in the wrong place. After punishing him, put him in the grass and say Go potty. When he does, then you can take him back inside. Take him out every few hours and after meal time. If you need to, leash him up and walk him around in the grass until he goes.

  3. You should be picking up his poop every time, anyway, so what is the big deal?

    It’s easier to pick up off concrete, anyway.

  4. Punishing him will make it harder to correct. It only teaches him not to let you see him eliminate. Take it out on leash as mentioned. Walk around in the grass. They can only walk and hold it so long. When it finally has to go, lavish praise on it.

    Thank you for neutering him. It is the responsible thing to do, and may help with some other problems, but I doubt much for this one.

    I have no experience with the pheromone sprays. A dog should already instinctively use the same area as the rest of the pack.

  5. train your dog, not punish. put a leash on the dog, walk him where you want him to go. walk him till he goes, then throw a praise party for him doing what you want, where you want it. praise and treats go a lot farther to training a dog than punishment does.

  6. I comprehend this is stressful, but you should be thankful this is the porch, and not the house:)
    I have the same problem, exept mine is in the house, I mean, she WON’T pottytrain~~! Try and catch him in the act, if you can’t, nothing with help.

  7. Take him out every so often on a leash and take him to the same spot.Tell him to Go potty. Hopefully he will learn that , that is where he needs to go.