What is the best way to attach 4×4 posts to a concrete patio?

I would like to add a few posts with railing to our concrete patio. The posts don’t need to support any weight they are simply decorative for our front patio. This is what Ive been envisioning (only attached to concrete): http://www.inspectapedia.com/BestPractices/Figure4-16s.jpg

I’m brand new to DIY so any help you can provide would be great! Thank you!

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  1. Use a 4×4 brackets and some good concrete anchors. after you set anchors attach 4×4 to brackets and your done. Use brackets so water wont collect under post and rot in future.

  2. you can buy brackets that can be screwed into the concrete,this will mean drilling out four holes for each bracket

  3. There’s a couple of ways to go about this; (1) is to use four inch wide U shaped brackets that bolt to the concrete base, with through bolts going through both sides of the bracket & through the timber. This looks okay, but you will end up with the nuts protruding out 1 side.
    (2) You use a T shaped bracket & on the top of the T you bolt to the concrete with masonry anchors & the long center piece of the T fits snugly up inside a slot cut into the base of the post. This way the brackets are out of sight & you can then use 1 or 2 coach bolts to be drilled through the base of the timber. You can then counter sink the nut and washer on the other side. This is a much more safer way & children aren’t going to get caught up on the protruding bolts & cut themselves & besides The bolts protrude out about ankle height, so it’s your call which way you choose to do the job.
    Oh by the way you will need to treat the timber base & cut before you leave it for the elements to take hold & rot the timber.


  4. If you want everything pretty and concealed like in the pictured example, you’ll probably want a hidden post anchor (like a Titan) covered at the bottom with a post skirt. You could use the U-shaped Simpson anchors, but you would need a tall post skirt to hide the metal.

  5. I would personally use something like E-Z Base by Simpson Strong-Tie since it will give you better lateral support if someone was to lean up against the railing.


    Otherwise, you can use a Simpson Strong-Tie Post Base like the AB, ABA, ABE, or ABU, however they’ll provide much in the way of support if someone was to push against the railing.


  6. drill in an anchor then a4x4 saddle and bolt it in then your 4×4 and plumb it and then nail it off.