Painting and sealing large concrete driveway?

Would it be effective if I were to paint my concrete driveway with exterior paint and seal it the same day using a concrete sealer?


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  1. No…
    Paint (is) a sealant.

    If you want to use both, use the concrete sealer first.
    Follow the directions on how long it takes to dry or cure then paint afterwards.

    I would just clean the surface (Properly) with a power washer.
    Then paint…Skip the other product.
    If the surface is cleaned thoroughly and painted with an exterior concrete paint…
    The paint will adhere to the surface.

  2. oh i’d stain it…someone painted concrete outside my door….it isn’t pretty when it starts to wear!

  3. For painting, at bare minimum power wash. Applying bleach afterward is better. Etching with acid (after both of the previous steps) is best.

    Bear in mind:
    Paint will wear quickly on a driveway.
    After proper prep, several coats will give you more time between needing to touch-up & add more paint.

  4. sealer is better – powerwash – seal with concrete sealer

  5. I would like to seal my driveway,concrete,Denver area. Is an eco- friendly silaconate sealer the way to go?