Attaching concrete board to a concrete wall of condo.?

I’m replacing the shower in my condo with a custom tiled shower. One wall of the shower is an interior concrete wall with drywall attached directly to it. The wall will be damaged when I remove my current shower so I plan to cover this wall with 1/4 concrete board in order to provide a smooth waterproof surface to which I can apply tile.

I’m not sure how to attach the concrete board to this wall. I think a combination of adhesive and screws is required, but not sure what screws would be best. I need them to be flat so that tiles can be applied directly on top, withstand moisture and penetrate and hold to the concrete wall.

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  1. Installing concrete board over concrete won’t waterproof your wall.

    You can install tile directly over the concrete wall.

    If there’s any damage to the wall when you remove the drywall, patch it with a Portland Cement patching compound.

    If you want to waterproof the wall, you can apply a liquid waterproof membrane.

    If you were to install concrete board, it’s imperative that you use galvanized nails or screws. I’m not sure you’ll be able to find the proper galvanized screws to securely install concrete board over a concrete wall.

    If you feel it’s necessary to install wallboard, do as Chuck P said, and use a product such as Hardi-Board. At least that will eliminate the necessity for galvanized screws.

  2. You need to use hardi backer or a conrete tile board that looks like it’s made of concrete and you will attach it with a power actuated gun.They sell everything you need at Home depot.

  3. If I read your question correctly, you are planning on stripping this wall and installing concrete backer board. Lowe’s and Home Depot have flat head concrete screws, that will work for this situation. You will have to predrill the holes with a masonry bit, but that is not really any big deal. Then some type of waterproof membrane and then the tile.

  4. Agree with Jack M, Its completely unnecessary to add cement board to cement. Listen to what he says.

  5. Which wall will be damaged? The other walls, will they’ve sheet rock?
    You keep focusing on the the concrete wall, If that wall is ridged and relatively smooth, you don’t need to apply the concrete backer underlayment. Also if you intend to put 1/4 directly on stud wall framing, you are undersizing the material.

  6. If you need to attach backer board in order to give the wall the proper depth or make it even you can use ready mixed thin set mortar and tap con screws. You shouldn’t need many of the screws, just enough to hold the board to the wall until the thin set sets up. Tap con screws are made for concrete. You just need to drill holes through the backer board and block wall using the proper size masonry bit and then insert the screws – no sleeves required.