How to hire a professional landscape designer at affordable price?

I am planning to plant some landscape (trees, shrubs, walk pad, etc) but eventually, I want to extend my patio, build a cook area, french-drain, irrigation system. What is the best way to obtain a professional landscape/hardscape design at affordable price?

5 Comments on “How to hire a professional landscape designer at affordable price?

  1. Go to your local Home Depot and talk to Juan. He should be waiting in his truck in their parking lot……………..

  2. The key word there is Professional. They need to make a living, too. Become your own designer. Read and learn.

  3. Professional and affordable usually do not go hand in hand! At least not in my book. It’s always more affordable to do as much DIY as you can handle. Other than DIY you should ask around and see who friends, family, neighbors & co-workers used then get plenty of estimates. Choose the 1 with the best balance of style, credentials and affordability.

  4. Landscape designers are not cheap….but you could go to your local college and talk to the landscape/horticutural instructor and see if she/he has any students interested in sumitting ideas to you. Our local city college has a wonderful program with many talented students willing to help…especially if they can make a few bucks.

  5. What lady said was a good idea about the college. But not all designers are costly. I would find 1 that offers a free consultant program and get a gereral idea. They’re good at what they do. I would look up many landscape designers and go to their website and look at their portfolio to see who looks like they did good work. You may have a design in yourhead that may not work. They know what type of plants go best in the area. They know how to do a job that costs you 750 bucks but in three years could be worth 1,400. They never would do something that is not in the best intrest for the site and something that would be worth more than what you pain within a few years. Like a well placed tree that costs $75 in a five year time could grow to be worth $450. It can also save money on bills and so on.