Can you substitute slate floor tiles for flagstone in the yard?

I want to put in a small patio. About 12′ x 5′ and was planning on using flagstone, until I saw the price. $9.99/sq. ft. However, I found boxes of slate floor tiles in the clearance isle for $.1.87/sq. ft. Just want to know if it can be done and they’ll not break if they freeze or something.

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  1. they will probably break because they were meant for interior. You need the thicker pieces of stone.

  2. you can use the tiles but have to pour a concrete slab to put then on

  3. If put on a solid base of packed sand, they ll last awhile, but you ll be replacing them shortly. If water does get down in between the slate itself, it ll blow the shale type layers that make up slate. Bite the bullit if possible and go for the proper stuff. GL

  4. They will break! I did mine out of 8 x 16 x 2 concrete blocks from home depot. They’re a very little over $1 each. Lay and level them on a bed of sand.
    You can use a design like this using the concrete stones instead of brick.
    I also stained my stones and sealed with Thompson’s water sealer.
    I ended up putting mortar between the joints.

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