what can I plant in the cracks of flagstone patio?

To keep the weeds away and make my patio look special, I would like to grow a colorful plant in the cracks of the flagstone patio floor

6 Comments on “what can I plant in the cracks of flagstone patio?

  1. I always liked Corsican Mint…bright green growth, small leaves, smells nice when walking about

  2. Try Irish moss or walk on me thyme. Both are green low ground cover and spread nicely. Walk on me Thyme has a nice aroma to it when you walk on it.

  3. vinca works well. creeping rose, clover is nice and smells good too

  4. Try Irish moss. It has a small white flower in the spring, and it will spread to fill in the cracks. Cut it into small pieces and fill in the gaps with it. You can fill only about 1/2 the spaces (like a 2 piece then a 2 gap, and it will fill in.

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