Best material for patio – stamped concrete or brick pavers?

I’d like to build a brand new patio in my backyard, right next to my house. I’m wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of stamped concrete vs. brick pavers. Thanks!

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  1. I think stamped concrete kind of looks poopy, no offense. The skin eventually wears off. Pavers can look sloppy unless they’re really done right, but I personally think they’re cute, and do well with upheaval from roots and other natural backyard occurances. We usually pour a concrete curb the same thickness as the bricks, pack in DG (decomposed granite) under where the pavers are going to go, spray it with water, use a rented wacker to pack the DG down. Herringbone patterns are nice. After you’re done, pour clean sand over the pavers and sweep it into the cracks.

  2. I can only tell u about mine, had it a few year, and grass,weed, moss grows between the pavers. I also have a cement patio, and up keep is real easy, and did you know they can make many shapes now adays. Lots of curves it really is pretty. Good Luck

  3. Maintenance on the stamped concrete is much less than the pavers. I dont care what you do on the pavers weeds or grass tend to find their way through it. Ask around and get someone recommended to you.

  4. it depends on your budget and your personal tastes.

    I haven’t been real thrilled with stamped concrete faux brick pavers (but then I’m not a brick paver person) but I have seen some very good stamped concrete faux flagstone and I like the stained concrete. I did see a stamped and stained concrete mosaic that was very attractive.

    the concrete will be easier to maintain and will cost less to put in than the pavers (pavers are more labor intensive). If you’re installing the patio yourself then it does not matter about the cost of labor.

  5. Just want to thank Wachoo for the answer! Now there’s a guy that knows what he is doing – you want to marry me??