What is a good groundcover to plant between flagstone?

This is a shaded area, low traffic. I’ve tried Irish moss but pesky squirrels dig it up before it gets a chance to root correctly. Would a shade variety of grass grow?

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  1. thyme
    One of our favorite types of herb, thyme is another very aromatic herb. In addition to all its delicious kitchen uses, most thyme varieties are low-growing and can also be used as a mat-like ground cover and are great for rock gardens. Foot steps compress the foliage, releasing the oils from the leaf bottoms and creating a wonderful scent in the garden.
    A friend of mine put this on her walkway.

  2. You could try low-growing varieties of sedum. vinca (myrtle), or creeping thyme. For a bit more interest, consider wild ginger or creeping wintergreen – yes, you can use them in the kitchen too.

    You can search these plants online to determine if they would be suitable for your garden. Also, talk with your local garden shop or county agricultural extension office for more suggestions. They know your area best, and what will best meet your needs.